About Zandonà

Zandonà began in 1985 in one of the most important industrial districts in the world.

In 1997, it began the study and implementation of Personal Protective Equipment (EPI) that were finalized and marketed worldwide in 2001. Since then Zandonà has been a guarantee of competence and professionalism in the implementation of PPE, designed, certified and produced exclusively in Italy.

The experience gained over time allows the provision of innovative products, high quality and covered by a functional design.

Chest and Back Protector  Zandonà Soft Active Vest Pro

The cooperation with racing teams and drivers, external designers, modelers and technicians is a stimulus for Zandonà to innovate and for a continuous technical update. The sharing of these experiences contributes to further enrich your Research and Development laboratory, making Zandonà products increasingly excellent in quality, performance, style and comfort.

Christian Gamarino wears chest and back protector  Zandonà
Stefano Fugardi wears chest and back protector Zandonà Shark Armour GT


The range of Zandonà products is vast and adapted to the needs of the motorcyclist. From knee pads, cervical protection collar, adaptive lumbar protectors of various sizes and shapes, armor vest, protective shorts.

knees protection Zandonà Jointed Kneeguard
protective shorts Zandonà Esatech Shorts Pro
back protector Zandonà Shark EVC
Protective jacket Zandonà Soft Active Jacket Evo
waist belt protection Zandonà Predator Belt
sternum protection Zandonà Breastbone Guard
neck support Zandonà Neck Guard Pro
back protection Zandonà Esatech Back Inserts

New Creations

Most recently, Zandonà developed the Hybrid Back Pro that is the innovative Level 2 backprotector combining optimal protection, ergonomics, comfort and state-of-the-art design. This product represents the exclusive concept of hybrid protection providing an extra protection to the spinal column mixing the evolution of the high quality plastic plates with the exclusive Net3 Technology. The same technology was also used on the NetCube Kneeguard and NetCube Chest RS.

back protection Zandonà Hybrid Back Pro X7
knees protection Zandonà Netcube Kneeguard
chest protection Zandonà Netcube Chest RS

All this was done in order to guarantee a really high level protection without ignoring the user’s comfort.

Learn more about the brand at www.zandona.net.