About Amphibious

AMPHIBIOUS produces bags, backpacks and accessories for mobile phones and other devices.

The products are durable and versatile, are used in outdoor, sports and leisure activities. Designed by a team of specialists in various activities: aquatic, mountaineering, skiing, motorcycling, camping, travel and leisure.

travel bag waterproof Amphibious DUFFEL BAGS Voyager
travel bag waterproof Amphibious DUFFEL BAGS Voyager


All products are waterproof and sealed to protect the contents of water, moisture, dust, sand and other dirt.

The diversity of Amphibious products covers different publics and activities from: water sports, motorcycle enthusiasts, mountain activities ...

Keep your personal belongings dry at any time.

waterproof travel bag Amphibious Tankbag
waterproof bags for electronic devices Amphibious
waterproof bag Amphibious
waterproof bags and backpacks Amphibious
tools bag for motorcycle Amphibious dry tools
waterproof backpack Amphibious
waterproof bag for motorcycle Amphibious Offbag e Dryaid
First Aid Kit Amphibious Froid Aid

Learn more about the brand at www.amphibious.it.