About Andreani MHS

Andreani MHS is specialized in suspension systems and shock absorbers

It arises in 2013, from the joint between the Italian Andreani Group International and the Spanish MHS Suspensiones and started to have the exclusive distribution of the Öhlins brand, a world leader in the suspension sector.

In 2015 launched the concept and philosophy “Amortiguate” in which it advocates the correct set-up and its due maintenance, by contributing to safety, comfort, benefits and even savings.

And in 2019 it expanded to the Portuguese market.

Ohlins shock absorber
man on an MTB bike in a forest using Ohlins shock absorbers


Its catalog contains important brands related to motorcycling, motor racing and cycling MTB

Öhlins > manufacture and maintenance of suspension systems

Beta > professional tools and work tools

SKF > manufacture and maintenance of bearing mechanics parts

Termignoni > motorcycle exhaust systems for racing and road use at the highest level

Showa > suspension systems

Kayaba > suspension systems

shock absorber Kayaba
Ohlins front fork for bicycle
Termignoni exhaust muffler for BMW R 1200GS
Ohlins shock absorber for bicycle
Set of 13 combination wrenches Beta, open and offset ring ends
Ohlins shock absorber for car
extension kit FGR 300 Ohlins
balance free rear cushion BFRC-lite Showa

Learn more about the brand at www.andreanimhs.com.