About HJC

HJC Helmets, founded in 1971, has a proud history of providing high quality motorcycle helmets for both the public and riders around the world.

Its founder, Wan Kee Hong is one of South Korea's most successful entrepreneurs, and is proud to be the brand that most helmets sells around the world.

HJC is one of the sponsors of MotoGP annually, giving the company the opportunity to give back to the sector and support motor sport.

Cal Crutchlow during a race wearing HJC helmet
Jonas Folger during a race wearing HJC helmet


Helmets off-road, integral, vintage, there are more discreet helmets and other more daring

HJC Helmets has its own state-of-the-art wind tunnel laboratory and is one of the few companies in the sector that is therefore able to test aerodynamics, ventilation, noise, etc.

Helmets are manufactured by HJC - from design, vigorous testing and all production.

modular system helmet HJC RPHA 90 Semi Flat Silver
Full face helmet HJC RPHA 70 FORVIC / MC5
Full face helmet HJC RPHA 11 94 Special / MC5SF
Launch of 4 new models in 2020

For off-road riders, the HJC launched the i50 with an extended visor, superior ventilation, unbreakable paddle and a field of view optimized for perfect visibility and superior fit of the glasses and comfortable chin.

The I 70 helmet features an aggressive and sleeker design smaller and lighter.

The C 70 (integral) and C 90 (modular) helmets have advanced polycarbonate coating.

off-road Helmet HJC i50 ARGOS / MC2
Full face Helmet HJC i70 ELIM / MC1SF
Full face Helmet HJC C70 TROKY / MC1SF
modular-system Helmet HJC C90  METAL / CR SILVER


The production of high-quality products such as the RPHA 11, RPHA 70 or RPHA 90 are a key pillar for HJC's success as a leader in its industry worldwide. In recent years, HJC has added to its collection new licensed graphics from Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars

promotional poster from full face helmet HJC RPHA11 Deadpool Marvel
promotional poster from HJC helmet  Star Wars Darth Vader rpha90 and stormtrooper cS-16

Learn more about the brand at www.hjchelmets.eu.