About Beta

The company was founded in Florence in 1905 under the name "Società Giuseppe Bianchi", for the construction of handmade bicycles.

Beta has always been tied to history and evolution on two wheels. In the late 1940s, with the changes taking place in Italian society and the development of motorized transport, the company switched to the production of motorcycles. The simple expedient of connecting a motor with a roller transmission to one of its bicycles, a typical example of Italian creativity, resulted in the first motorcycle produced by the Tuscan company. The two men who ran the company, Enzo Bianchi and Arrigo Tosi, joined their initials to form the Beta brand, and all the company's bikes have been sold under that name ever since.

Steve Holcombe drives a motorcycle Beta and wears equipment Beta
Albert Cabestany drives a motorcycle Beta and wears equipment Beta


Beta has a range of Trial bikes, Enduro, Alp, Street, apparel and accessories.

rr 2t racing Beta motorcycle
xtrainer Beta motorcycle
Beta equipment
evo 4t Beta motorcycle


In Portugal, the official importer and distributor Beta Portugal is Moto Espinha in Guimarães, and Atelier da Moto is the commercial partner responsible for the Beta sales outlet network.

pilot during the event Beta Day 2019
pilot during the event Beta Day 2019
the winners of Beta Day 2019
event trophies of Beta Day 2019

Learn more about the brand at www.betausa.com.